How Crystals Are Formed
Crystals have to go through millions and hundreds millions of years before they are formed. Silica is formed underneath the rocks such as quartz are widely used in watches, Vibrators are used in inter-coms. Chips are used in computers. Memory chips are used in calculators. Crystalscan purify water when keeping fish in the aquarium. They help the flowers and plants to bloom beautifully. Nowadays crystals are widely used in Feng Shui.

Ways of Keeping and Cleansing Crystals
1. Add course salt to mineral water. (dilute first) Soak the crystals one night. Rinse with water the next day. The negative pole will be washed away.

CAUTION: Crystal pendants can only be washed for only 3 minutes. They can’t get in touch with salt. Salt is corrosive to metals. Caloite (white, yellow), azurite and all kinds of mineral stones cannot be washed or soaked in water too long. The crystals itself are fragile.

2. To purify the crystals, place them in the amethyst quartz or rock crystal for 8 hours after washing in water.

3. Place the crystals near the burning sandlewood or fragrant oil to get cleaned.

4. Use clean water, sea water, river water, tap water and distilled water to clean the crystals for 3-5min. The negative pole will be washed away.

5. Crystals should be placed in a dry, cool place. They are not suitable to place under the sun. The colour will get lighter. Never place the crystals in the fridge, they will easily get damaged.

6. Natural crystals posses positive pole. If the crystals are blessed by a powerful metaphysicst, the power of the positive pole will get stronger. You will have successful career. Important people will come to your help. Reputation and fame will be built up. Happy marriage will last forever. Your wish will be fulfilled.

Natural crystals can be used on people's seven parts of the body
1st wheel (sea bottom wheel): smoky quartz, skeleton quartz, rutilated quartz red, rutilated quartz black, petrified wood, magnet, moldavite, agate red, tourmaline black, honey amber, meteorite
→ Strengthen the function of kidney. Ease the discomfort of the small intestine, coldness, helps blood to circulate well and protect the function of the organs.

2nd wheel (umbilical cord wheel): tourmaline yellow, garnet, golden pyrite, kunzite, coral, agate orange, citrine.
→ Good for anaemia

3rd wheel (sun wheel): citrine, topaz, amber, honey amber, rutilated quartz silver, sun stone, caloite, tiger eye, pyrite (marcasite), agate yellow, rutilated quartz gold, picture jasper.
→ Helps to consolidate the mind, increase wealth and helps poor digestion.

4th wheel (heart wheel): rose quartz, quartz aventurine, olivine, rhodochrosite, jade, rutilated quartz green, malachite, tourmaline red, green, phantom crystal, quartz with multiple inclusion, garnet, ammanities, chrysanthemum stone, phantom quartz red, rhodonite.
→ Improve the relationship among people, increase immunity (tourmaline red, green) , helps to lessen the painful rheumatic joints and the heart pain, enhance one’s wealth, love (rose quartz) , successful career, improve blurred vision (tourmaline green).

5th wheel (throat wheel): aquamarine, turquoise, lapis lazuli, celestite, kyanite, tourmaline blue, amazonite, lolite, rutilated quartz gold, blue agate, azurite chaicedony.
→ Helps to lessen throat infection, drive evil away, increase one's confidence in expressing oneself, quick thinking. They are the best crystals for seafarers and holiday goers.

6th wheel (eye brow wheel): amethyst, ametrine, fluorite, agate purple, lapis lazuli, cahroite, sodalite, blue tiger eye, tourmaline blue
→ Consolidate memory, enhance creative ability, (amethyst) foretell the future (lapis lazuli) , easy to get help from important people, effective for headache and eye infection.

7th wheel (top wheel): quartz clear, white rock crystal, calcite white, herkimer diamond, opal, moon stone, dinosaur egg fossil, phantom quartz white, quartz with double terminated points.
→ Can purify magnetic field, dispel negative pole, have a very peaceful and subtle mind, powerful intellectual thinking, more attentive in work. All these bring you to a quiet and tranquil world.