On 1st March 2017, my client wants to buy a luxurious house ‘ ULTIMA’ in Ho Man Tin built by Sun Hung Kai. It’s a double storey building on 28th floor with a swimming pool at the top. It costs Hong Kong $130,000,000. Buyer hasto pay Hong Kong 3 million down payment. They made an appointment with me to see the feng shui of the house. Theprice of the house in Hong Kong nowadays goes up very very high. They have a house ‘Mayfair’at 1 Broadcast Drive Kowloon Tong with front and back garden built by Shun Wo Construction Company.Four years ago, it cost 50 million. I advised them to buy. They bought at last. Now buyers offer them 80 million and ask them to sell.The couple is very thankful to me for l have given them advice and helped them. I help numerous clients tomake their wish come to reality. Helping people made Alan a happy man.